Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

March 15th at Duffy's

Basement Dweller, Terminal Joy, Your Pal Bill, and Emo Dad are a bunch of raucous punk bands, and they'll be joining Hot Apollo for a majestic night of music at old Duffy's Tavern on Friday the 15th of March.


1238 Bloor West at 8:00. Pay what you can. Even if it's nothing.

Sneaky Dee's on the 1st

Sneaky Dee's! Hot Apollo's playing that stage at 7:00 on Friday, February 1st.

Why so early? Because live music only goes till 10:00 on Fridays. That's when they start spinning punk rock hits from the previous decade. But between us and that, there are two other bands.

Out Of Reach! Down The Void!

All of us will do our thing consecutively, and then you can stick around for the punk dance party at no extra charge.

So. One more time.

7:00. Friday, February 1st. Sneaky Dee's at 431 College Street West. $12 at the door.

Hit it.

October 13th Show

876 Dundas West on the 13th of October! Saturday night.

Hot Apollo's opening a whole night of various musical acts, and we actually start at 8:00. I'm not going to list all the other bands, but the ever awesome Chris Birkett will he among them. For the rest?

Anyway. $10 at door. On the way in. They don't charge you to get out.

May 31st at The Cavern

Hot Apollo's going to be playing at The Cavern on the 31st of May with Richard Malouin! Also on the stage? Alan Kulka and Jordan & Elena. That's right! We're the only band that doesn't use the names of any of the members! What does that signify? Probably nothing! But I'm Jaymes Buckman.

Come out to see me and the other stuff at 9:00 in The Cavern at 76 Church Street near King.

When I went to find the address, Google Maps called it a dive bar, which means that it has to be good.

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