April 5th at Cherry Cola's

Hot Apollo! Cherry Cola's! Two bright tastes that explode right together. We'll be playing at that marvelously appointed institution on the 5th of April, which is a Thursday. Come and see us then. After us, you can hear SpaceGirl and Lavender Orange, and both of those bands also have suitably evocative names. That's one more way to know that it's going to be  a good time. And I believe that Piines is closing out the night. It's not my favourite of the names, but I do like that doubled i.


$10 at the door. Music around 9:00. 200 Bathurst Street.

Duffy's Tavern! New Year's Eve!

Jamie and me! We're doing it! A duo show to rock out the new year at 10:00 on New Year's Eve at Duffy's Tavern. 10:00? Yeah! That means that you'll still have time to do other party things when we're done. But if you want to stick around, you'll get the raucous sounds of The Discarded and Viscosity! Two other bands! 


Duffy's by Lansdowne Station. 1238 Bloor. $5 at the door. 

30th of September at Nocturne

Nuit Blanche! September 30th, baby! That thing's a Saturday night, and we're going to light it up in Nocturne at 10:00! When we're done, things'll be primed and ready for midnight techno that'll go till last call at 4:00.

If you want something to do after that . . . I don't know. It's Nuit Blanche. Wander around and see some more art installations. Like a two-inch pool of vodka or something. I haven't seen the list.

550 Queen Street West. By Bathurst. 


Hot Apollo at the Festival

On Saturday, this 24th of June, Hot Apollo will be giving a special performance for the Global Village Festival at Mel Lastman Square.

Then they'll be giving an equally special but slightly shorter performance on the other side of Mel Lastman Square.

Come for one! Stay for both! Or whatever! It's all good.

We're playing on Stage 1 at 6:30 and Stage 2 at 7:45.

Mel Lastman Square. It's going to shake.

10th of June! Back at the Lib!

The trinity returns!

On a glorious Saturday, 10th of June, Hot Apollo will be opening up another night of musical majesty at the Libertarian Public House with The Unlikely Story and Tape Eagles! To be joined by newcomers Inevitable!


And it starts at 8:00!

235 Queen Street East.


$5 at the door. That comes with a cupcake. 

Cameron House! The 16th!

On the 16th of June, which is a Friday, Hot Apollo will be opening up the Cameron House with our raucously rolllicky rock-and-roll.

And then Capture De Band.

And then The Inanimates.

And then Morning Fame.

Incidentally, that last band goes on at midnight, which means that it technically will be morning when they play.

But don't worry. Hot Apollo's on at 9:00 to throw some tunes to you evening birds, and all sorts of songs will fly in between.

$7. Cameron House.

408 Queen Street West.

16th of June at 9:00.

Duffy's on the 2nd

 Sex & Summer, those sensuous slingers of surfy sounds, have invited us out to play another show with them at Duffy's Tavern. For the sake of superlative sibilance, we'll be supported by Stolen Statues, who just struck the scene in 2016. Finally, I'm pleased to say that an old friend's new musical project got sneaked on to the bill at the last moment to close out the night with a unique piquancy. They're called Trellis.

Anyway. Duffy's Tavern. 1238 Bloor Street West. Near Lansdowne Station.

2nd of June.

Friday. We play at 10:00.

May 19th Show

Hot Apollo will be playing another searing set at the Libertarian Public House on the 19th of May. We're on at 8:00, and The Unlikely Story and Tape Eagles will be returning to continue the tunes after that. Then the new guys in Better Off Dead will come in to finish off the night.


235 Queen Street East, dudes. It's a Friday.

Show at March's End!


We're going to send some rock in the general direction of your faces on the 24th of March at the Libertarian Public House. We're on at 8:00, and then The Unlikely Story's going to hit the stage. Do you not know them? You will.


2:35 Queen Street East. $6 at the door.

Duffy's - November 4


On the 4th of November, the month's inaugural Friday, Hot Apollo will be out at Duffy's Tavern with Sex & Summer for a huge night of majestic musical revelry. 

1238 Bloor Street West. Music starts right at 9:00 with us. Then the other bands happen.

Do you want to know a secret? Despite the name, it's actually closer to Lansdowne Station than it is to Dufferin. Maybe you can take that into account if it's chilly. But don't worry. The tune shall be hot!

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