Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

April 14th at Duffy's

Hey, man. Have you heard about Jimmy Ruffian? He's a stylish dude on the Toronto scene right  now. You can trust that from me. I know style. And dudes. I guess. Not so much about the Toronto scene. But whatever. I only live in this city.

Anyway! We're playing at his show at Duffy's on the 14th of April. That's right! Another classic Saturday night at Duffy's with the Hot Apollo boys! And the boys from The Rough Go, featuring Jimmy Ruffian! That's a third permutation of the name "James" in addition to our drummer Jamie and me! Will there be more? Let's find out!

And Wayne Kennedy! And Wordplay, which is an actual band and not just a thing I do sometimes!

Music at 9:00! 1238 Bloor West near Lansdowne!

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