Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band


At the beginning of the summer, I lost a card holder that essentially contained all of the things I use for everything. Transit pass. Debit card. Reward cards for various places. I only managed to replace the first two because of sheer necessity. I can't say that I am always motivated to go out and acquire things, but I am absolutely awful at replacing things. If I lost all of my stuff in a fire, I'm not even sure that financial cost would be my biggest consideration. I'd be more annoyed by the effort that I'd need to expend in order to go out and find things that I'd previously possessed. It would just be awesome to have an insurance company that would take a mildly excessive amount of money to create some portal to Hell that would return all of your things. I suppose that the alternative would be some agency that just let you take all of your resurrected stuff back at no cost if you were willing to actually go out and get it. I don't think that I'd take the second option over the first. It's just difficult for me to motivate myself to do something that I've already done. I suppose that I take a while to feel loss. Why would I go out to buy something I already have? I know that I don't have it anymore, but I still have the sensation of possession. It's phantom comfort. It's hard enough to do something that's completely unnecessary once. It just gets more unnecessary when I have to do it again.

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