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Doesn't this seem moderately redundant? It's a sign on a comic book store. Do they fear that people just naturally assume that they don't sell Marvel comics? This isn't a restaurant. Comic shops generally aren't encouraged to be partisans of one company over another, nor could they afford to be. Waiters who take requests for Coca-Cola are wont to say, "Sorry. We don't carry Coca-Cola. Is Pepsi okay?" This has been known to discourage repeated visits by a fairly specific type of customer in establishments that are otherwise impeccable. It's somewhat ridiculous, but it happens. It's a scenario that finds acceptance in reality. This Marvel affair doesn't.

"Hey. Do you have any 'X-Men' comics?"

"No. No, I'm sorry. We don't carry Marvel. Is 'The Flash' okay?"

I don't even feel required to mention the giant Hulk bust in the window.

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