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Actual Love

"Bridget Jones's Diary" was playing at the theatre recently. I saw that. I love that stuff. It has the whole intersection of romance and loneliness that I deeply appreciate, and it has Hugh Grant. Beyond that, there's something about the combination of a British thing that's trying to imitate Hollywood and a Hollywood thing that's trying to imitate Britain that always gets me. "Love Actually" got me through some tough times. When I was 17, I was sent to spend the end of my summer in a hospital for some random heart inconvenience that came up on me. I didn't have a lot to do. I read. That's when I tried knitting. I'd obtained a copy of "Love Actually". I'd never seen it before, but I proceeded to watch it repeatedly. It's always good. I think that a bunch of Hugh Grant films might have been on television at that point, but it might have just been "Mickey Blue Eyes". That dude just happens to be in a lot of films that soothe my soul. Total love.  I was also really excited to see "Love Actually" for Alan Rickman, but his hair colour in that film seemed to sap a good bit of his charm. 

My aunt also happened to be on a trip to the city from England at the time, and she told me about Alan Rickman's actions at the performance school where she taught. It basically seemed to be his own personal reenactment of Snape's actions in the final Harry Potter book that had just been released. You know that part where he takes over the school and turns it into a crazy place? It was like that. I'm sure that it was for love, though. Like that thing in the book.

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