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He's Batman!

One of my favourite things about Batman is the way in which his power transcends his fiction. Ultimately, he’s just a human like any other action hero, but the types of stunts and abilities they share just seem more believable with him. When it’s Jason Statham or Tom Cruise in some ridiculous physical feat, one just excuses the implausibility of the action for the sake of the movie. That’s fine. That’s common. That’s standard. I just really like the fact that no one seems to have to do that with Batman. In the absence of superhuman powers that explain everything away, people generally know that most of the characters in such films wouldn’t really be able to do those sorts of things. No one really argues with that. They do with Batman, though. When someone asks for an explanation of some random protagonist’s acrobatics, suspension of disbelief will be recommended. When one asks for an explanation of Batman’s uncanny prowess, the explanation will be identical to the one that any Gotham citizen would give: “He’s Batman.”

I should say that I’m not suggesting that humans can’t do incredible things. Humans can do incredible things. That’s why they get to hang out with tigers. Guns weren’t an evolutionary development.


“Oh. Batman just leapt 10 feet straight into the air from a standing position? That makes sense. He’s Batman.” “But that’s physically impossible.” “Not for Batman. He trained to be the best at everything.” “But the guy who’s the best at that can’t-” “He’s just that good. He’s Batman.”

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