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I love the fact that the word "best" seems to be a recent addition. "Hey, boss. I'm goint to the printing shop. Do you want our sign to say that we're the best adult video store?" "No. We're still waiting to hear from the tribunal on that. We can just put in the 'best' part later."



I just saw "The Amazing Spider-Man" with my brother. Good times. Obviously. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Peter Parker, and everyone else is great too. I'm glad for the inclusion of the quipping. I seem to recall some theory that stated that it wouldn't work on film. That's why it wasn't in the other films? No. It totally does. 

Anyway. I personally enjoyed Denis Leary's role because I remember some interview that he did on "The Daily Show" years ago. It was before the plans to reboot the franchise, but he made some joke about all of the autographs he'd signed for fans of the Green Goblin. You know. Because they thought that he was Dafoe. 

They should probably just have a Dafoe doppelganger in every Spider-Man film. They can use Sandra Berhard for the next one. She could play Doctor Octopus. You know. Because she looks like an octopus.

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