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I just want to take a moment to share one thing I love about the American government. I don't really know whether it's unique to them, but I think that it's pretty admirable. 

You know that narrative device by which things occur that are unthinkable even within the world of the story? Did you ever see "Battleship"? Great movie. Terrible movie. I've probably made a post about it at some point. In any case, Taylor Kitsch's surname is totally appropriate for the types of movies he makes.

No. Wait. That wasn't the point.

Anyway, aliens come down on American soldiers, and no one has any idea about what can be done to stop them.

In reality, it probably wouldn't work out exactly like that. There's some drawer in the government that resembles the mind of the craziest conspiracy theorist. It has plans for alien invasions. For zombie outbreaks. For any number of things that go beyond the experience of humanity.

Unlike the conspiracy theorists, they don't do it because they think that these things are ever going to happen. They do it because they think that they won't happen.

The strategists train themselves to be prepared for things that won't ever require preparation because they want to be prepared for situations in which preparation isn't an option. Aliens and zombies aren't the point. The point is a system that teaches ideal reactions to scenarios that could never be imagined.

I just think that that's pretty awesome.

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