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Resistance Training

I’ve been trying. I honestly have. I think that I’ve managed to increase my tolerance to the cold by 10 degrees. At least. That’s not much. I’m well aware. What can one say? I’m a creature of heat. I can’t easily abide the frosty winds. But the season seems incapable of meeting me in the middle.

We were having some good days. I’m on the verge of love for the zero temperature. Unless I’m already cold, that kind of thing seems quite balmy in the absence of wind. After the montoh's frigid start, I forced myself to hope that things had levelled off. Wouldn’t that have been fantastic? Indeed. Indeed it would have been. But that doesn’t appear to be the case. Instead, I’m getting all of this randomness. As though it felt some incorrigible desire to reinforce the popular antipathy for Mondays, the cold has been making a point of giving its worst directly after the weekend. As I post this, things shall surely be progressing towards their weekly nadir.

But do you know the worst part?

It’s forcing me to wear a hat.

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