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Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

Another Podcast. Equally Hot. Poutine Might Be Hot Too.

Between writing that last entry about the podcast at the beginning of the weekend and posting it at the end, I ran into some friends who happened to bring up the subject. I’d mentioned the idea to them in the past, and one had become increasingly interested in getting involved. Hence, we decided to record some short clips while we had time. Something more substantial could come from this. It remains to be seen!

And yes. It was recorded at a restaurant.

It wasn't a poutine restaurant, though. It was a sushi place.

Incidentally, the Podcast tab now exists. It also links to a place where you can download this stuff at your leisure. And that place is at Cheers!


Bonus Question!

Best fry topping? Coconut shavings.

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