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JFK: The F Stands for "Future"

On the whole, I think that “Days of Future Past” was my favourite superhero movie of the summer. The year? It’s hard to say. The whole X-Men thing was always my favourite comic book property. It was really what originally drew me in. I can admit to a bit of bias here. If I had to take that out of it, I might give it to “Guardians”. I did like the fact that the “X-Men” film series finally got a prominently comedic character. Iceman and Nightcrawler were always creditable jesters in the comics, but that seemed to be downplayed with their cinematic counterparts. At least Quicksilver got a bit of that charm here.

Anyway, all of this basically just comes to mind because of this whole viral marketing thing that’s going on to promote the home release of the film. Specifically, I noticed that a lot of it is focused on the idea of a mutant Kennedy family, which is a decent conceit as fictive Kennedy conspiracies go. However, I did like the bit of romantic ambiguity in the phrase Magneto used to bring up the whole idea in the movie: “He was one of us”. Obviously, that’s intended to imply that Erik believes the guy to be a mutant, but it works on other levels even without that. Because the real Kennedy was a man like Erik and Charles too.


A dreamer.

A proponent of unity.

That kind of dude.





Bonus Question!

Jackie O versus Karen O?

Draw. Then they team up to record an amazing cover of "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat".



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