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"Flash" Is a Great Name in the Majority of Situations

The name speaks less of fresh, delicious vegetables and more of well groomed rocks. 


I've been meaning to watch "Flash Gordon" for a while now. Perhaps this time could be measured in years. For some reason, I never got around to it. This seemed weird to me, but I've come to discover that my procrastination served a higher purpose. A local theatre played the majestic space opera recently, which gave me the opportunity to experience the film for the first time on the big screen. In full consideration, this was the ideal way to be introduced to it. I also invited Dave along, but it was a while before I learned that he'd agreed without having any actual concept of the movie, which can only serve as an enhancement to the whole ordeal. This willingness also says lovely things about him in my mind.

For some reason, he vaguely thought that it was a football movie. I suppose that there's the faintest grain of truth in this, but it reminded me of my introduction to James Bond on my eigth birthday. For some reason, I was brought without input to an IMAX screening of "Tomorrow Never Dies" by my parents. It instantly brought out my passion, but I remember being very reluctant on the journey to the theatre, for the only thing I knew about James Bond was a foggy notion about his affinity for special shoes. I thought that he might have been a cobbler or something. The idea that his footwear contained fantastical devices never occurred to me. I wasn't even really sure that he was fictional before that. In fairness, his name was specifically chosen because it was boring. A child could be forgiven for steering away from such things. I had the same issue with Harry Potter before the first book was foisted upon me during a day of sickness in elementary school. My tastse for euphony meant that I frequently neglected to gather information on anything with a boring title. Seriously, man. My name's Jaymes Buckman. If your appellation can't match that, I'm less inclined to pay attention.

In these days of gritty 007 movies, the modern answer to the whimsy and adventure of the character's classic era is most obviously embodied in the "Iron Man" film series, and I can't ignore the possibility that the names in those franchise to do something to make it more immediately attractive to the youths who would have looked to Her Majesty's top agent for fantasy in earlier times. Even if you take away the superhero sobriquet, you're still left with "Tony Stark", which is just brilliant. Even the supporting cast have names that soundly defeat the mysterious mongrams of the British intelligence service's employees. From whom would you take orders? M? No, man. Nick Fury! There's a name that tells you everything you need to know immediately. Actually, while we're on the subject, I can't go amiss by mentioning that "Judi Dench" is far more intriguing to the ear than "M", and that's true even without the honorific. I am, however, willing to admit that "Pepper Potts" and "Moneypenny" stand on roughly equal ground.

Anyway, despite my passing familiarity with some of the more salient names in the cast of "Flash Gordon", both of us were mildly surprised to notice the presence of Richard O'Brien from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", a shared favourite. At the very least, that seemed appropriate.

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