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I Don't Have Anything Against Clowns Either

The hamburger box isn't too far away from the pizza box. You're really just thinking inside the adjacent box. In terms of boxes, it's a lateral move. That's basically what I'm saying.


“The Princess Bride” is another old film that’s been on my list for a bit of a while. I have only the vaguest memories of my childhood notions about it, but I don’t think that they were particularly favourable. I believe that one of my best friends had a particular gusto for the film, which now does something to explain his affection for that Andre the Giant shirt he used to wear. His taste for the story, however, was something I would not share, and though my reasons for this were never profoundly solid, I’m willing to place stock in the idea that the clearest among them had something to do with Wallace Shawn. I don’t have anything against the guy. He’s a fine performer. There’s just something in the way that his face so naturally resembles the visage of a clown. It’s disconcerting. I think that one of the only pieces of the movie I happened to see when I was young featured him prominently. I actually thought that he was the primary villain until I finally saw the thing on Thursday.

Right. So. Eventually, I realised that my aversion to this movie had no real basis, and I decided that I should think about getting around to seeing it. That was a while ago. At some point, I took up the assumption that this was exactly the sort of film that would occasionally get played in theatres, and I made the choice to wait for that. It certainly worked in the case of “Flash Gordon”, and I don’t think that I even planned things out for that one. During this last week, my laconic patience was rewarded by the opportunity to experience the story in its broad glory at my favourite cinema, and I jumped to it. Wallace Shawn is more acceptable to me now, and his presence in the film was not overwhelming.


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