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Talk Shows and Time Travel


After filming the above video on Thursday, I decided to rush down and catch the early midnight release of “Days of Future Past”. It was a good cap to the night.

It was a solid film, but I only saw the advertisement for it after I’d watched the actual movie, which allowed me to appreciate the commercial’s use of “Kashmir”. It was one of the first Zeppelin songs I ever heard, and it always sounded like a mix of a James Bond theme and some sort of ancient Egyptian thing. In my mind, that’s a perfect fit for “Days of Future Past”, which is basically bordered by those two fairly disparate elements. On one side, it follows up from the shaken martini flavour of the spy antics that defined “X-Men: First Class”. On the other, the scene after the credits shows the deification of the primordial mutant Apocalypse in front of a bunch of pyramids and a throng of slaves. I suppose that there’s also the obvious connection with Robert Plant’s talk of travelling through time and space in the opening verse. That’s fine too.


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