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April O'Steel

In last week’s post, I mentioned that Megan Fox’s April O’Neil bore a closer physical resemblance to Lois Lane than she did to any previous incarnation of the “Turtles” character. I’ve since come to see that Lois’s current portrayer, Amy Adams, actually looks far more like April in “Man of Steel”.

If you mixed them together, I think that the result might look slightly like Kate Bush.

I’ve talked about her in the past. We talked about “Babooshka”. Remember? It was a while ago.


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Anyway, now we’re talking about it again. Rupert Holmes’s “Escape”, that primordial paean of pina coladas and pluvial perambulation, was featured in the exquisitely scored “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which I have now seen twice. Listening to it again made me realise that it’s essentially a retelling of “Babooshka” from the husband’s perspective. Obviously, the lighter tone can be ascribed to the fact that the dude’s all excited about the prospect of sex after that whole marital drought thing that set the events of the two songs in motion.


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