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John Carter of New Orleans

I recently finished reading “The Sky People”, which is basically a reconstruction of the old planetary romance genre that was typified by Robert Howard’s John Carter stories. The main character definitely fits into the mould of Howard’s hero, who was played by Taylor Kitsch in the recent movie. I liked that movie. But I have a better reason for mentioning this. Slightly better. Marc, the central character of this novel, has a habit of slipping frequently into a Cajun accent, which was a salient quality of Gambit, another character Kitsch portrayed. Despite the fact that Marc’s haircut was specifically described in a manner that didn’t match up with anything I’ve ever seen upon the head of the actor, I consistently imagined the novel’s protagonist to be a conflation of Taylor Kitsch in “John Carter of Mars” and Taylor Kitsch in “X-Men Origins” throughout my time with the book. It definitely didn’t detract from my experience.

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