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The Ape Also Rises

I just saw the new “Apes” movie. There was no James Franco, but there was a guy who looked like James Gordon and talked like James Stewart, which is something.

This is another franchise that never really grabbed me hard at any point, but I suppose that I must have been carried forward by the momentum from the last film. I have no firm reasons for it, but “Rise” was quite captivating in its own way, and it did something to draw me forward in its new series. Honestly, I think that a supplementary motivation for seeing “Rise” in the first place was the thought that it might have some relation to the Tim Burton one and its abortive sequel hook. That film didn’t do much for me, but the arrival of “Rise” and its fresh interpretation stirred up a hint of curiosity about the nature of the new direction, and the idea of a tenuous tie to the last relaunch came quite easily to my mind. It didn’t come in the actual film, though, which turned out to be fine, for the thing was solidly made, and I seem to recall admiring the character work.


Obviously, I would have been delighted by a few stylish suits on some simians, but these particular primates chose war paint instead, and I can’t say that that’s not valid. It probably lends itself better to equestrian action at any rate. I will admit that apes on horseback look far more impressive when they’re not positioned directly beside a robot at the reins of a mechanical dinosaur.


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