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Sedaris and the Spider


I just read the first issue of that new Spider-Man series I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the context of its thematic resonance with Iron Man, and it did turn out to feature Peter Parker's jocular acceptance of the epithet "a poor man's Tony Stark". But he did make a point of wearing cheaper suits. Though he was in his civilian guise at the time, I suppose that that would apply to his superhero attire too. 

I've been watching a few episodes of this one show and vaguely noticing that one of the stars was someone I recognised. During the last one, I discovered that she was Amy Sedaris, which led me to think, "Huh. Apparently, I enjoy Amy Sedaris". This was news to me. Then she surprised me again by making a guest appearance on a different show I watched right afterwards.

Anyway, enjoy your bird meats!


Bonus Question! 

Best stranger with candy? Mr. Biscuits. 

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