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Wand of Trudoom

I don’t really pay attention to politics? But I did notice that Justin Trudeau got elected on Monday. Maybe it was bolstered by the dude’s ability to strike a photogenic figure, but when I picked up this week’s issue of Bendis’s new Iron Man series, which features the return of Doctor Doom, I couldn’t avoid thinking that its rendition of Victor’s freshly flawless demeanour made him look like Justin.

This is not a staff of office.

This is not a staff of office.

But Doom didn’t just lose his scars and his mask. Apparently, the quondam monarch of Latveria also lost control of his country just as Trudeau won leadership over his. Point to Trudeau? I guess? I can’t really imagine many scenarios in which Trudeau could beat Doom, but I suppose that this qualifies. The only other one that might come close would be a match between Doom and Trudeau’s favourite comic character, who happens to be the Hulk. But that’s by proxy. And it’d be a tough call even then. Still, it’s Trudeau’s week. No grudge.


Bonus Question!

Doom versus Trudeau in a drama battle?

Trudeau was a drama teacher. Doom exudes drama. I'd generally tend to give the win to the doctor, but I think that a real drama student might actually lose marks for acting like that. This one's open to interpretation.



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