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Back to There Again


It's the time of year for thinking about Peter Jackson movies. The guy had two separate holiday reigns from Middle-earth before the "Star Wars" franchise stepped up. All of them had charm, but I was just thinking about the latter trilogy. In a lot of ways, "The Hobbit" is a story about homesickness. Bilbo even calls his account of the events "There and Back Again", admitting that thoughts of home never left his mind even as he grew to accept the idea that it did not need to constitute the entirety of his existence. But the production of the movie and its reception combine to display the dangers implied by the old adage against trying to go home again. It endeavoured to remix the magic that its sequels rapped the masses with in the previous decade, striving to hit the biggest notes in a way that wasn't primarily occupied with serving the tale. To the point of including Legolas and his elevated elven antics for no real reason. 

Beyond my enjoyment. Because honestly. I can talk about the ways in which it misstepped in its attempts to captivate everyone again, but I enjoyed everything. This is the guy for whom last Christmas's "The Force Awakens" is the best "Star Wars" movie behind "Attack of the Clones". And you know what? Bilbo did go home again. He was changed, and some people treated him differently when he came back, but he never stopped having a good time. And everyone still went to his party.

Bonus Question!

Third best?

"Return of the Jedi".

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