Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

Love Thickness

The vein runs deep with passion’s flow.

Love’s ichor seeps toward the core.

Liquid lust reveals a spoor

Wherein its viscous vice may show.



Alight with scents of ebon tar,

The straits of sensual fury boil.

With oily gleam, their torrents roil

Through steaming streamlets fast and far.


Traced in tracks of treacly tricks,

Swirls of slickest passion stir.

Ferocious seas of sick allure

Seethe in sin of vicious mix.


A sanguine sluice sends the urge

To every nerve but never slakes.

In full the venom’s vigour wakes

Where runs of wanton will converge.

Copyright © 2011, Jaymes Buckman and David Aaron Cohen. All rights reserved. In a good way.