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Dawn's Dimly Lit

At the very least, "Dawn of Justice" delivers on a promise. That promise to answer the question of "What is this thing going to be?" Honestly, I was even enjoying its asking of the question in the first place.

Eisenberg's Luthor was easily my favourite performance in the film. Dude shone like kryptonite. That casting is around the level of Michael Caine in Nolan's Batman films. But . . . More divergent.

Incidentally, for a movie that features the oldest filmic Bruce Wayne, this one seems to have the youngest Alfred. The one on "Gotham" looks older, and his Bruce is a kid.

Anyway, I've heard some liken Jesse's Luthor to the Joker, but it felt more akin to Jim Carrey's Riddler, although that in itself was probably trying to be the Joker. And his costar Two-Face might have been trying for a Joker angle too. Lex's manic mane was even slightly reminiscent of early Nygma's. And that of young Doom from the last "Fantastic Four". So . . .  You know. Very good company.

In a film that had the puffiness of a marshmallow, Jesse Eisenberg was the element that evoked the taste of one.

Also, amid all of the focus that was placed on the sharing of an appellation between the mothers of the titular heroes, there was no mention of the fact that Lex and Clark bear the same middle name. They couldn't have bonded over that? Then Bats and Supes could add a third segment to the world's finest friendship pendant. You know the kind? With the split hearts? He could have the middle part.


He has the same hair too.

He has the same hair too.

Bonus Question!

Batman versus Superman! Best Christ allegory!

Jesus was known in large part for sacrificing himself for the good of all. Superman's more about the good of all, whereas Batman tends to place a bigger focus on self-sacrifice.

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