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Despite its probable roots in DC’s tendency to pick at the scabs of its patchy continuity, the whole Rebirth thing is feeling like fun. When I was first getting into comics, I read Marvel almost exclusively, and what I’d heard of the Crisis on Infinite Earths sounded abhorrent. I could support the idea of streamlining a  messy, inconsistently managed narrative multiverse, but the execution, which occurred right in the middle of things, seemed to lack any elegant coherency. Rebirth has some of the aspects that contributed to my distaste for the Crisis, and it probably has some wholly original elements of fatuity, but none of that makes it unpleasant as it’s coming to me. 

Incidentally, the incorporation of Doctor Manhattan doesn’t seem like the most sensible move, but it’s only a caber’s toss from the induction of Shade the Changing Man and Stormwatch into Prime Earth, and the former was one of my favourites when I first began reading the New 52. Bring in Morpheus  while you’re at it. Who cares? Dudes in mysterious jackets. Always a good time.

Bonus Question!

Shade versus Joseph! Madness Vest versus Dreamcoat!

One interprets dreams. The other draws power from them. Personally, I’d give it to the Changing Man.

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