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Mysterious M

I recently finished "Theatre of the Gods". Quite joyous. If you can imagine a version of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Thomas Pynchon, you're pretty close. Honestly, I'd be more interested by Douglas Adams's take on "Gravity's Rainbow", but this was a satisfactory experience in its own right. Fantastical space adventures are rarely unwelcome.

But the lead's first initial was never revealed. That is an annoyance. No deliberate mystery. He was just recurrently referred to by "M. Francisco Fabrigas". I'd be willing to consider the "Monsieur" possibility, but there was an instance where "Master" was placed at the front of the whole thing, and such tautological inelegance seems highly improbable.

Baron Zemo's another example in recent cognition. What's Helmut's middle name? What does the J stand for? Shall he repeat that famed Homeric journey to an arguably anticlimactic revelation? Why are these things put there?

You know how some people have that thing where they don't almost automatically enjoy the vast majority of the entertainment they consume? I think that this initial niggle might be what I have instead.

Bonus Question!

Is the space pope reptilian?

This one does not appear to be. He does have his own battle fleet, though.

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