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Summery Secrets and Civil Sequels


Marvel's comic event for the summer, "Civil War II",  is swinging its strides right now. The fact that it's being helmed by Bendis, who's probably been a favourite for me since those early days before I even noticed things like writing credits, definitely doesn't hurt. At the very least, it's actually in the Marvel universe I love. I had a surprising amount of fun with some of the "Secret Wars" books from last year, but the fact that they were essentially alternate universe tales  made them feel like an interruption. I might have been more receptive if they'd been released in addition to the regular books instead of replacing them, but that hardly seems tenable. Right? I don't know. Numbers, man.

But I really liked Marvel's delivery on their oft mentioned pizza analogy for "Secret Wars". Their spokesman likened the event's ultimate effects on the Marvel universe to smashing two pies together and keeping what sticks, but it felt more like scraping a few choice toppings from some old, slightly mouldy pizzas onto the inexplicably fresh main one.

"Hey, I think that we can save these anchovies."

And that anchovy's name was Miles Morales.


Bonus Question!

Best pizza topping?

Pineapples! Not on pizza. But pineapples are just really good generally.  

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