Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

Dancing on the Sand

Olympics, man. Like . . . Even when the most affluent countries host, they tend to lose a lot of money from constructing arenas that will probably not ever be terribly relevant again. It's just pageantry. Which is fine. If you can afford it. But if it's supposed to be some avenue to bolster the public face of a lesser country on the world stage, then it shouldn't really fall to them to pay for the whole thing. Right? Wouldn't it actually be cheaper to lift the facilities from some old host and drop them in Rio? And then hire a team of local painters? But then you just hire locals to construct everything. Which is great! When a financially unstable government isn't forced to pay for it. But aren't all governments financially unstable? Technically? I suppose so. But there are tiers!


Bonus Question!

Best Rio? That singing bird. 

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