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Spiders, Dogs, and Babies

 "The Boss Baby" really reminded me of "Cats and Dogs". With babies instead of cats. And they weren't really trying to win humanity's favour over canines in order to take over the world. I think that the main motivation here was pie?


And then I remembered that that film also saw a Tobey Maguire character team up with Alec Baldwin. This realisation also codified something in my mind about Tobey. There'd been a part of me that thought that he was slightly dour for the Peter Parker role, but listening to his voice acting in these films belies that. It actually sounds quite close to what one might expect from Spidey. It's just his face. It doesn't really seem to emote well. Like . . . If you just met him at a party or something, it's a quality you might notice. In an actor, it's fairly aberrant. In fairness, it probably works for some roles. He might even age into it. Christopher Walken's career seems to be predominantly built on a similar idiosyncrasy. It just doesn't really fit Spider-Man. Especially a Spider-Man who keeps exposing his face for various reasons.


Bonus question! 

Best reason to expose the face? 

Inverse rain kiss! 


Also lunch. 



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