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Doctor Depp

This past year saw the release of the first entry in a series of cinematic adaptations of a single small supplement to the Harry Potter franchise by the name of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". Quite good. It added a tinge of "Doctor Who" flair to the mythos. And a bit of Johnny Depp, who must be near the top of a nonexistent list of American actors who could play the Doctor. Oh! And that guy from that table tennis version of "Mortal Kombat". Love that guy. He's not on the Doctor list. He just had a fun role in "Fantastic Beasts".

And now they're doing a Voldemort origin film, which isn't unwelcome either. But I must wonder. The original "Beasts" book was actually one of a pair of supplements. When will that other half be adapted? When are we getting  our "Quidditch Through the Ages" movie?

Come on. I'd be excited for that right now, and I've never really cared for sports movies. I can't even sit through "Rudy". But if you throw in some flying broomsticks and add a Snitch to the situation, you've got my attention.

Bonus Question!

Is anyone curious about the fact that J. Jonah Jameson, the Daily Bugle chief known for his legendary antipathy towards the Spider-Man, picked the newspaper name that has the word "bug" in it?


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