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Babbling About Rabbits

Man. That "Peter Rabbit". I walked in to the theatre late, but I was just in time to catch a montage set to Len's "Steal My Sunshine". That song seems to steadily be resurging, and I'm deeply appreciative. I developed a love for it some years ago that far exceeded any regard I had for it when it was current. Which was . . . I don't know. I was probably 10 or something.

But this version turned out to be sung by birds with added details that referenced the plot.

Also. Maybe some people have been following Star Wars and thinking "Well, the Kylo-Rey romance is fine, I guess, but it's just not trashy enough for my tastes. I'm a human piece of garbage who yearns for sweet baby Rey to end up with the impotently irate ginger general Hux." If this is you, "Peter Rabbit" should be a treat. That's right. Gleeson and Ridley! Together at last! He's  not ginger here, though. But the rest is basically still intact.


Bonus Question!

Br'er versus Roger! Battle of the other two dudes with the surname Rabbit!

Roger. His extreme affinity for the magic of cartoon physics gives him a big edge.


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