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I knew even less about "Early Man" than I often do about a lot of movies I see. I'd barely looked at the poster. Still, an animated comedy about cavemen seemed like the sort of thing I'd see. But that brief glimpse I'd seen made me think that it was the standard digital animation. But no! When I got in, I discovered that it's from the same dudes who made "Wallace and Gromit", that timeless series that filled my childhood eyes at the gleeful direction of my father.

Like that show, the film featured some absurd inventions, though here it was less timely and more practical. A technological competiton between Wallace and the anachronistic antagonists of "Early Man" would probably be this week's bonus question, but I don't have an answer for it that isn't weighted by narrative necessity. I do think that "Early Man" has better fashion, though. It has cavemen with stylish animal prints and overlords with velvet and jewels. And birds in armour! With plumed helmets! That's bonus plumage!

On the other hand, Wallace, like the parent who introduced me to him,  just isn't willing to be properly clad.

Bonus Question!

Worst Wallace?

Shawn. I don't really have anything against the guy, but when I was  kid, I ignored my friend's fervent recommendation of "The Princess Bride" because I thought that he was a much bigger part of it. But then I saw it in the cinema in my 20s and discovered that it's basically just one scene.


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