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Oh, Mens!

I was noticing David Tennant in the third season of "Broadchurch", and I immediately thought that he looked like a more effete version of Hugh Jackman. But then I revised my thought after remembering the young Hugh of the "Kate and Leopold" era. Before he got all tough and chewy after the first X-Men movie. And then I thought that Tennant actually looked like a more masculine version of that iteration of Hugh Jackman. And I think that this is the only scenario in which I'll be able to say that Tennant beats Jackman in machismo.



This was also the day on which I saw a picture of Dave in "Good Omens". He might have looked uncharacterisically hirsute in this "Broadchurch" season, but in "Good Omens" he just looks uncharacteristic of himself. Which is fine. I've just never seen that degree of aesthetic breadth from him before. It's especially surprising in this instance because the look of the role he's playing in "Good Omens" could easily have been achieved  by throwing a pair of sunglasses on any of the people he's portrayed before. But hey. A different take's good too.



Bonus Question!


If more sexual positions had numerical designations, would 69 still be such a popular number?


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