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Warping Back to Thornberry Time

I've been watching "The Wild Thornberrys" recently, which was one of the classic Nickelodeon shows I didn't see when it was current. It's about this eccentric nature documentarian voiced by Tim Curry and his family, including an adopted feral child and a daughter who can talk to animals. Her pet is a monkey named Darwin, who's an effete English gentleman by nature. I watched 30 episodes before I realised that the rest of the family doesn't know that the girl, Eliza, can talk to animals. On some level, I also thought that Darwin was the one animal everyone understood for some reason. But no. Completely wrong. This whole deal was only revealed to me because of an episode in which Eliza's sister almost discovers her secret. But hey. Things could change. Maybe the movie'll shake things up. I'll find out. But now I'm prepared.


Bonus Question!


What kind of berries does Chaucer like to eat?



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