Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

Perspective Narratives

I tend to view reality through a narrative lens. Sometimes life feels like a movie. Sometimes it's closer to a myth or  a novel. It differs. Life's capricious. Or I am.

But if I had to choose one medium to represent my life, I'd probably go with a superhero comic. For one thing, they excel at being outrageously bombastic without budgetary concerns. Also, they tend to dwell in an eternal second act, which is how life can feel. The end isn't in sight. I've had my origin. I'm a definitive version of myself. I can develop, but I won't ever be developed. I'm just continuing on in my dramatic way. Individual story arcs can get wrapped up, and victories will be had, but there doesn't seem to be an ultimate resolution.


Bonus Question!

Best lens?


Because I usually just wear sunglasses when I want to keep weather out of my eyes, I have very light lenses, but they have a ruby kind of tint to make them gorgeous.

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