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Finally Ready

I watched "Ready Player One" on the weekend. I think that it's the second thing I've seen Tye Sheridan in after "X-Men: Apocalypse", and it continues the trend of giving him a fixation on an awkward but headstrong girl with red hair and putting the dude in a visor. Apparently, some faces are just made for visors? I don't know. Maybe mine is made for eyeliner. I haven't had a day of bare lids in years.

So yeah. In a movie that was apparently going to drown the audience in explicit references to popular culture from the 80s, I was mainly thinking about its unintentional resonance with X-Men. But then I'm often thinking about X-Men.

Bonus Question!

Tye Sheridan versus a Sheraton Hotel!

Though he checked in slightly late, he still managed to get a decent sleep and wake up in time to get in most of an hour with the complimentary breakfast buffet.


Check out that visor face. 

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