Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band

Jord Sinatrason


I was just shown this video of Jordan Peterson by an acquaintance who has a fair taste for ridiculing the dude. I can understand that, but I'm struck by the clothing choice here.

Is that outfit supposed to be his interpretation of classic 50s business father? Because it looks more like some peacock pickup artist's Saturday attire borne out of a distorted Sinatra inspiration. It doesn't really seem on brand for Peterson, but it's fitting enough for the whole Peterson cult to look like the type of idol they'd build in a shrine to him. You know. After he's dead and open to the warping influence of future generations' interpretations. Like the Peterson equivalent of Hollywood Surfer Jesus.


Bonus Question!

Best surfing messiah?


Norrin Radd. 



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