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Jeffrassic Goldpark

I'm watching the new Jurassic movie, and this is the main thing I'm realising. If Disney buys Fox and decides to make a live action Simpsons movie because they can, Chris Pratt is a total lock to play Snake.

Cast the rest as you will. That's always fun.

Also, when I was watching the previous one, I kept waiting for Jeff Goldblum to show up. And now he does. Very yay.

I remember getting even more annoyed at his absence in the third movie when Bland Cowboy Hat Scientist actually said that they should've brought Ian Malcolm instead because they were on the island he knew.

He could have been in this one more, but at least he got to deliver the title drop.

Bonus Question!

Ian Malcolm versus Tony Stark! Rock star mathematician versus rock star industrialist! Who's better in a senate hearing?

Goldblum stayed on message more. That gives him the win. Probably?

Both wear leather jackets pretty well though.


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