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Infinity War Thoughts (Probably Without Big Spoilers on the Main)

Most Marvel movies feel like trade paperbacks. "Infinty War" felt like the first volume of an omnibus.

When "Iron Man" came out in theatres a decade ago, I went back to watch the credit scene I'd missed in my first viewing because I wasn't sure if I'd get another chance to see Sam Jackson play the version of  Nick Fury that was based on him in the Ultimate Marvel comics I'd read. And  now . . . 

Does Thor always seem to get the worst side quests in these movies? In "Age of Ultron", he had to go on some meditative vision quest, and in this he spends a chunk of time on fixing a smithy. I'm reminded of the Knuckles segments of "Sonic Adventure" where you'd have to take a break from romping around the world with the blue hedgehog to play a sluggish hot-cold game in a hunt for Chaos Emeralds. For all the atrocities Thanos committed to find his own magic gems, at least he didn't have to do that.

Still, the thing that seemed to bother him most was what he did for the Soul Stone. What the dude really needed was a soul patch. Something to take some of the attention away from that chin.

Bonus Question!

Hawkeye versus Ant-Man! Battle of the absentee Avengers! Who are also the only two fathers!

Ant-Man probably wins in anything  but familial stability.

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