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I'm Ridiculously Bad at Weather

This is not fashion. It is a boring grey dress. The only thing that could conceivably be more boring would be the show that could be stopped by this ruffly rag.


Do you ever feel that you were only able to get through something because you didn’t know that it was coming? I was quite happy when I started work on Tuesday, but I quickly came to realise that the entire shift would involve harsh weather. It wasn’t ridiculously cold, but the wind was maddening, and the rain just wouldn’t commit. I was shivering for the duration. “Make up your mind, rain!” “I haven’t decided . . .” So. The infuriatingly indecisive nature of that day’s clouds was a significant part of my afternoon.

I was told that the next day was going to be equally awful. My initial ignorance of Tuesday’s weather seemed to be the only thing that allowed me to survive; its inertia carried me through.
Petty dread did not seem to be a solid substitute.

But Wednesday actually happened to be relatively warm.

Good times!

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