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Commode Commotion

Apparently the upper floor of Pizza Pizza is actually a time warp to the Nineties.


I’m quite fond of androgyny. I possess a measure of it, and it rarely causes problems. I wouldn’t notice them anyway. However, I finally experienced a minor inconvenience from it today. I walked into Pizza Pizza to use the washroom. There was a guy in a dusty grey suit with a dirty ponytail. In an apparent state of slight pique, he paced with his pizza in front of the door to the men’s room. I can be forgiven for assuming that he was waiting for his turn on the toilet. He even looked at me and said, “Sorry. Someone’s in there. Just wait a bit.” This seemed to confirm things. I stood behind him to await my turn. After a few minutes of waiting, he banged on the door to the women’s room and shouted, “Hurry up! Someone’s waiting!” Apparently it was his wife?

A suspicion occurred to me.
I tried the door to the men’s room.
It was vacant.

I wasted several minutes of my life because the guy thought that I was waiting to use the women’s washroom.

But I think that I was listening to Curtis Mayfield during those minutes. I’m willing to believe that time spent with Curtis Mayfield can never truly be wasted. 

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