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Interchange Adventures

The guys at decided to briefly interrupt me at work for this spontaneous photography session. Thus I believe that they deserve a reference from me. Aeow.



John Cusack, man. I love that guy. I’d been meaning to see “The Raven” for a while, and I finally decided that the first weekend of June would be the perfect time. When I finally looked at the movie schedules, I discovered that it wasn’t playing in any theatre in Toronto. The only theatre in the area was up at the Interchange. That whole York area. I know. I know. Gross. But it was a journey that just felt destined. Also. Kernels has the best popcorn. I do not buy popcorn from any other place. Thus I made time for a stop at the Eaton Centre. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that the shooting that took place within it on Saturday would prevent me from buying popcorn on Sunday. Then I rushed up to Bayview and York Mills to buy popcorn from that location. Then I realised that I didn’t know how to get to Downsview, which is apparently where York buses are found. I got there eventually, though. I even got to the theatre with five spare minutes. Man. Edgar Allen Poe on detective adventures. Good times.

Also. I just moved my internet box to my new place on Monday. My computer remembered it. I didn’t know that it worked like that. That’s awesome!

Last thing. Some guy came up to me at work. His voice wasn’t very clear, but I’m pretty sure that he said, “You look like Steven Tyler. You know. From ‘American Idol’.” I can’t really argue with the comparison, but I was bemused by the way in which he qualified it. 

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