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The Best Organisations Are the Ones with Explosions

I just saw "Battleship". It came out a month ago, and I'd been meaning to see it. I didn't want to continue to procrastinate. I'm not particularly ready for another Interchange adventure. 

I always wait till the end of the credits before I leave. I saw some note at the bottom about the gratitude of the producers for the cooperation of the military in the making of the film. It's not uncommon for films that include references to specific military organisations, but I don't think that it's quite right. I think that a more appropriate note would say, "The military wishes to thank the makers of this film for making us look freaking awesome." War isn't really the most popular thing in the mind of the average Hollywood citizen, but it always looks spectacular in the movies. An expression of thanks from the military would seem to be common courtesy when they're depicted in a colourful war against horrid aliens, but they should probably even thank the guys who try to discourage war with their films. It's just that wonderful. Coppola was a total hippy, but "Apocalypse Now" did more to show the triumph of assaut helicopters and Wagner's ghost over his ideals than it did to depict the horrors of battle. "Jarhead" explicitly references that phenomenon, but it had the same effect.

Ultimately, I don't really care, but I'd probably be more willing to consider that sort of patriotic service if they gave up on the dress code.


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