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I don't think that I've ever watched "The Little Mermaid" in its entirety, and its one of the few entries in the Disney animated canon that I've missed in the years since my birth. I remember seeing a poster at a theatre for its forthcoming 3-D release a year ago, and that really seemed like a good chance for me to finally see it. It wasn't due to any love of the format, but I like to see things in theatres when I can. There was a brief period during which I'd specifically make a point of going to the 3-D versions of new releases, but I'm really beyond the point of noticing the differences. That's alright. At this point, I really just like the fact that this gives studios an impetus to release their old movies again. Old movies in theatres are just the total thing. I saw "The Lion King" when they released that a year ago. I'd obviously seen it on many previous occasions, but it was still great. Actually, that one song with Rowan Atkinson did look rather amazing in 3-D. I will say that.

But apparently it didn't perform too well financially. I remember hearing nothing else about the release of "The Little Mermaid", and I was beginning to think that I'd missed it somehow. I've just learned that it was cancelled because of the whole issue with the financial performance of "The Lion King". 

I also had a great time with "The Phantom Menace" when it got pushed back into theatres a year ago. I remember running into the manager of my favourite comic book shop there and learning in the ensuing months that she'd never actually seen a "Star Wars" film before that day. But apparently the plans to give the same treatment to the rest of the saga are being indefinitely postponed too. Total shame. I was fully excited for the next one because it happens to be my favourite. I know that "Attack of the Clones" tends to be unpopular, but it's incredibly hard for me to dislike a movie that contains a buddy cop car chase in the first 20 minutes. It's incredibly hard for me to avoid falling in love with it when that chase is one of flying cars. For what other reason would I be so enamoured of "The Fifth Element"?

Oh. Right. Chris Tucker.

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