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Cereal's Basically Like Sex Anyway

I just realised the implications of the dude's sppon and the lady's bow. Very clever, Sexcereal.
I'll readily admit that I have no basis for comparison, though. 
But I keep seeing these advertisements at health shops as I walk around. 
Aphrodisiacs already seem like slightly superfluous products anyway. At best. At worst, they seem downright counterproductive. When is the lack of desire ever a problem? I didn't think that it was common to have a desire for desire. 
It's not too rare for people to have desires that exceed what they can attain. It's not even that uncommon for people to be unable to act upon their desires. One in five? Something like that. That's not that uncommon.
But I don't really know why anyone would want to spoil a lack of desire. A lack of desire can be a great time. That's the time when you can actually do things! 
"Huh. I don't want to have sex today. Now I can finally get around to buying groceries or whatever."
But this thing is even worse because it's specifically designed to be eaten in the morning. That's got to be the worst time for arousal for a lot of people. Did you really just need to be in a loving mood right before work? That doesn't really sound like the wisest plan unless you have some especial desire to spend your lunch break in the bathroom. 
Admittedly, morning obligations and sexual desire are two things with which I have no significant experience, but these seem like pretty safe assumptions to me. 

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