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Mars Attracts!

I just saw the “Veronica Mars” movie. I never saw the show, but the film basically turned out to be a cast reunion for “Party Down”, which is something I did watch. Also, I like the Dandy Warhols, who did the theme for the series. I just learned that shortly before I saw this. Anyway, everyone was in that movie. Seeing cinematic adaptations of shows I never watched is turning out to be quite enjoyable. This concurs with last week’s experience with Steve Coogan’s “Alan Partridge” movie. I don’t think that I’d ever even heard of that character before I saw the theatrical poster.

Incidentally, did I actually fail to notice the arrival of a new Wes Anderson comedy with all the people I love who weren’t in “Veronica Mars”? Because it’s here. It’s in Europe. In a hotel. It’s like everything I loved about “The Darjeeling Limited” with a greater focus on hotels. That’s perfect for me. I decided against seeing “Moonrise Kingdom”. The atmosphere didn’t seem right for me. A rural camp ground isn't generally my kind of setting for a fantasy. Hotels? Yes, sir. That's my jam right there. Right above trains that feel like mobile, horizontal hotels.

My family saw "Moonrise", but even they thought that it was too quiet, and they have a greater tolerance for quietude than I do. The only other review came from a friend with an abiding love of Wes Anderson’s oeuvre, and he spoke favourably of it. Still. He tried for a long time to get me into “Life Aquatic”, but it never really spoke to me in the same way. I think that my best experience with that guy came from “The Darjeeling Limited”, which I thoroughly adored, but nothing in his body of work really tells me that he’s a director I shouldn’t have a strong fondness for. Dude’s awesome. That’s what I’m saying. Wes and I also seem to share a taste for Owen Wilson’s performances. Now I just don’t know whether I should try to wait for that Anderson fan to see the movie. He’s my oldest friend, but it’s really hard to make plans around his schedule. Basically, if it’s not a Sunday, he can’t do it.


On another note, in the day since I wrote everything above this paragraph, I happened to learn that a “Party Down” movie might actually be happening, which gives me a bit of joy. I think that I’m really starting to like this trend.

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