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I promptly went off to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and I obviously enjoyed it. It’s right behind “The Darjeeling Limited” on my list of Wes Anderson’s works, and even that is probably due in large part to the lesser presence of Owen Wilson. Honestly, if the whole movie had just been about Owen Wilson’s dealings with the Nazis in his occupied hotel, I would’ve been fine. I’d see that spinoff. Does Wes Anderson make franchises? He should. Damn it, Wes Anderson! Why won’t you run your intellectual properties into the ground like everyone else? Johnny Depp’s going to play Jack Sparrow until he dies, and we love him for it! Actually, he’ll probably steal the plot of his new computer movie and come back from death mainly to play Jack Sparrow for eternity. And to hang out with Tim Burton. Which is also great. They make a good team. Like you and Owen Wilson! Who will hopefully be returning in “Darjeeling 2: Unlimited”.

Incidentally, clapping at the end of a movie doesn't make it a play.

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