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Not to Be Confused with "Iron Chef", Which Is an Entirely Different Thing

I recently saw “Chef”, which is almost like “Iron Man 2” with gastronomy instead of mechanical wizardry. Basically, it’s a pretty good time. I suppose that it could also serve as a decent primer on social media.

I thought that the kid was good.

I’ve occasionally heard people bemoan perceived faults in a lot of child actors for the apparent air of distraction that can creep into a performance in the absence of discipline. I should mention that it definitely wasn't on display here, but I'm on the tangent now anyway.

Anyway, I don’t really care to determine the validity of such complaints, but I will say that such roles generally don’t stand to lose much even if that supposed problem is present. It just makes the character seem vacant and somewhat vague, and that’s how a lot of children can appear to some adults anyway, for the younglings haven’t had time to congeal into solid identities with an understanding of social interaction’s nuances. It’s not entirely dissimilar to the effects one might notice from attempts to communicate with neophyte Anglophones or some of the less versatile varieties of fictitious androids. Mismatched cadences. That’s a part of it.

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