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The Midnight Moonlight of Paris Is Also Magical

I took the chance to see “Magic in the Moonlight” a few days ago. Since I was dragged along to see “Midnight in Paris” when it came out, I’ve been more attentive of Woody Allen’s modern comedic work. Man, that movie rocked tails. Now, I’ll generally give whatever his latest thing is a try, and it never works out particularly badly. He’s just one of those dudes. Even if something’s not dwelling among the top echelons of his oeuvre, it’s still a work of some worth. In this specific case, that worth might not even have been necessary. In absolute fairness, I could probably watch Colin Firth and Emma Stone play off each other in scenes of abject mediocrity. I’d want Hamish Linklater to be there too, though. That’d be a potential caveat. I love that little guy. Care for a quick primer on my vague history with “The New Adventures of Old Christine”? Come because of insomnia. Watch for Wanda Sykes. Stay for Hamish Linklater. That’s how it went, and now I know his name.

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