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The Sole Remaining Movie That Looked Suitable for Me at All

I did see “The F Word” in the end. Solid film. Glad for it. Second film in the fortnight with Adam Driver. That’s two out of two for Mr Driver. For all I know, it was his second film of the year. I suppose that I don’t really follow his work, but I like him when I see him. That mainly tends to be in “Girls”. Anyway. I think that he’d be my choice if I had to cast someone to play my old bassist.

There was this one scene in which each of the two central characters independently went to a cinema’s showing of “The Princess Bride” alone, and a discussion on the validity of such a decision ensued.

As I wrote previously, this was a decision I made a few months ago, and it was one that took me to the very theatre in which I watched these two characters have this discussion. Synchronicity!



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