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Confused Justifications

For some reason, whenever I hear someone mention the movie “Labor Day”, I think of “Draft Day”. Generally, the image that comes to my mind is that of the poster. Usually, it’s one from a bus stop advertisement. I think that it’s the one on the south side of College at Yonge.

In its incidental way, this week brought information that almost does something to justify that confusion. In a way. Very small way. Almost. Not really. But . . . Still.

Apparently, Ivan Reitman directed one, and his son directed the other. I forget the specifics. I don't know whether the son directed the bus stop one or the other one. And I don't remember the son's name now. Such information is now gone from my mind. I did try to do a bit of further research, but all I remember from that is the fact that the films' respective lengths are within a minute of each other. I’m not sure that I’d even be able to argue that that does anything to bolster the meagre justification I posited for my confusion, but there it is.

And . . . You know. They basically came out in the same year. There’s that. But there always was.


Bonus Question!

Best cinematic day? I suppose that "Groundhog Day" is the standard choice, but I'm still holding out for a full production of "Leap Dave Williams".

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