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I ran into another of those situations wherein the dearth of especially suitable films for me prompted a chance on one I probably would have missed otherwise.

I think that I might have initially thought that “Nightcrawler” had some basis in the story of Richard Ramirez or something during the first 17 seconds I saw of the advertisement whenever that happened, but there was a later point at which I did give the picture some consideration. I didn’t doubt its wit, but I thought that its execution could hew too closely to “American Psycho” for my liking. Instead, what I got was much closer to my first vague impression of “American Psycho”, which was based on nothing beyond a high school peer’s unique interpretation of Bateman’s climactic phone call to his lawyer. Quite separate from Christian Bale’s tearful catharsis, my acquaintance delivered the speech with a jaunty irreverence, which led me to imagine the film with a greater emphasis on madcap quirkiness. “Nightcrawler” actually seemed to deliver on that in its way. If Abed Nadir had to take the place of Patrick Bateman, the result would probably be something like this protagonist. Actually, the result would probably be something I’d watch by itself. What’s that guy doing now? Maybe that can be his next project if “Community” doesn’t manage to come back.


Bonus Question!

Patrick Bateman versus Patrick Star?

I feel as though Patrick's ability to breathe underwater would have its advantages.


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